Facts about Denmark

Fun Facts

Denmark is the country in Europe with most breweries per person, and very proud of their world famous Carlsberg beer. It is legal to drink with modesty from the age of 16, however, drinking while working is not tolerated.

LEGO is actually Danish!

Bluetooth got its name from the second king of Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth, who was king from the year of 958 to 987.

In Denmark, if you are unmarried at the age of 25, you will get cinnamon thrown all over you on your birthday.

Denmark is the one country in the world with the highest number of pigs per inhabitant. The number is 2,3 pigs per person. Number 2 on the list is the Netherlands with 0,71 pigs per person, and number 3 is Spain with 0,65 pigs per person.

Danes has been voted to be the happiest people in the world!


Denmark is situated in Scandinavia, a part of Northern Europe. It lies to the north of Germany and south of Norway and southeast of Sweden.
Denmark is spread over an area of approximately 43,000 sq km. It boasts of 474 islands in total, of which only 76 are inhabited.
Population: 5.5 million. Average density about 119 per km².

Largest cities

Copenhagen metropolitan area: 1,6 million inhabitants
Aarhus: 295,000
Odense: 187,000
Aalborg: 194,000


"Folketinget", the Danish Parliament, is situated on Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen. It has one chamber with 179 members, including two from the Faeroe Islands and two from Greenland.
During recent years, about 8-16 parties have been represented in "Folketinget". The largest parties are the Liberals, the Social Democrats, and the Danish Folk parti.


Denmark has a fairly mild, temperate climate. Average temperature the whole year 7.9 degrees Celsius. Coldest month 0.4 degrees Celsius (February), warmest month 16.6 degrees Celsius (July).
Average rainfall the whole year 664 mm.


The official language of Denmark is Danish. However, English is spoken and understood by majority of the population and is even mandatory in basic school.


Smoking is forbidden in public buildings and private business – including restaurants, pubs, shops, public transport, entertainment venues and workplaces.

Royal family

Queen Margrethe II, born 16th of April 1940, who has been the Queen of Denmark since 14th of January 1972.
Prince Consort: Prince Henrik, born 11th of June 1934.

Crown Prince Frederik, born 26th of May 1968, married to Crown Princess Mary, born 5th February 1972.

Prince Christian, born 15th of October 2005.
Princess Isabella, born 21st of April 2007.
Prince Vincent, born 8th of January 2011.
Princess Josephine, born 8th of January 2011. 

Prince Joachim, born 7th of June 1969, married to Princess Marie, born 6th of February 1976.

Prince Nicolaj, born 28th of August 1999 (with his first wife Countess Alexandra).
Prince Felix, born 22nd of July 2002 (with his first wife Countess Alexandra).
Prince Henrik, born 4th of May 2009.
Princess Athena, born 24th of January 2012.